Sunday, March 4, 2018

Index of posts 1-700

700 posts and lord knows how many releases. Here they all are, no matter how short or insubstantial the review itself was. I don't index albums from the monthly reject lists here, since they were not properly heard in full or reviewed, but if you're curious about those for some reason they should come up when you perform a search.

KEY: [A+] / [hr] = highly recommended / [r] = recommended / [c] = caution / [NO] = avoid

(Keep in mind, we're using iTunes alphabetization here. I am well aware that from a cataloging standpoint that's total bullshit, but it keeps me from having to deal with surname ambiguities. I'm a library assistant in real life so I know this is offensive, and all I can tell you is... I like pissing you off.)

[(Sandy)] Alex G: Beach Music (2015) [r]
(Sandy) Alex G: Rocket (2017) [r]
10,000 Maniacs: In My Tribe (1987) [c]
10,000 Maniacs: Blind Man's Zoo (1989)
10,000 Maniacs: Our Time in Eden (1992) [c]
13th Floor Elevators: The Psychedelic Sounds Of (1966) [hr]
13th Floor Elevators: Easter Everywhere (1967) [r]
2 Many DJ's: As Heard on Radio Soulwax, Pt. 2 (2002)
3 Mustaphas 3: Soup of the Century (1990) [c]
65daysofstatic: Wild Light (2013)
The 6ths: Wasps' Nest (1995) [hr]
The 6ths: Hyacinths and Thistles (2000) [r]
...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead: Source Tags & Codes (2002) [c]
A.C. Newman: The Slow Wonder (2004) [r]
A.C. Newman: Get Guilty (2009) [r]
A$AP Ferg: Always Strive and Prosper (2016) [r]
A$AP Rocky: LongLiveA$AP (2013) [r]
Actress: R.I.P. (2012)
Actress: AZD (2017) [r]
Adam Green: Jacket Full of Danger (2006) [r]
Advance Base: A Shut-In's Prayer (2012) [hr]
Advance Base: Nephew in the Wild (2015) [r]
Aesop Rock: Labor Days (2001) [r]
The Afghan Whigs: In Spades (2017)
AFX: Orphaned Deejay Selek (2015) [r]
Against Me!: Transgender Dysphoria Blues (2014) [r]
Aimee Mann: Mental Illness (2017)
Air: Moon Safari (1998) [hr]
Al Green Gets Next to You (1971) [hr]
Al Green: Let's Stay Together (1972) [hr]
Al Green: I'm Still in Love with You (1972) [hr]
Al Wilson: Show and Tell (1973)
Alabama Shakes: Sound & Color (2015) [hr]
Alanis Morissette: Jagged Little Pill (1995) [r]
Alex Chilton: Like Flies on Sherbert (1980) [hr]
Alexander "Skip" Spence: Oar (1969) [hr]
Alexi Murdoch: Time Without Consequence (2006) [hr]
Alexi Murdoch: Towards the Sun (2009) [r]
Algiers: The Underside of Power (2017) [c]
Ali Farka Toure (1988) [r]
Alison Moyet: Other (2017) [r]
Allen Toussaint: American Tunes (2016) [r]
Allison Crutchfield: Tourist in This Town (2017) [r]
Allo Darlin': We Come from the Same Place (2014) [r]
alt-J: This Is All Yours (2014) [r]
AlunaGeorge: Body Music (2013) [r]
Amadou & Mariam: La Confusion (2017) [r]
Amber Coffman: City of No Reply (2017) [r]
Ambrose Akinmusire: The Imagined Savior Is Far Easier to Paint (2014) [r]
American Wrestlers: Goodbye Terrible Youth (2017) [r]
Anal Cunt: I Like It When You Die (1997)
Anderson .Paak: Malbu (2016) [r]
Andrew Bird: Noble Beast (2009) [hr]
Andrew Bird: Break It Yourself (2012) [r]
Andrew Bird: Hands of Glory (2012) [hr]
Andrew Bird: Are You Serious (2016) [r]
Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire: Thrills (1998)
Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire: Oh! The Grandeur (1999) [r]
Andy Statman: Nashville Mornings, New York Nights (1986) [r]
Andy Stott: Luxury Problems (2012)
Andy Stott: Faith in Strangers (2014) [r]
Angel Olsen: Burn Your Fire for No Witness (2014)
Angel Olsen: My Woman (2016)
Angelique Kidjo: Logozo (1991) [c]
Angelique Kidjo: Eve (2014) [r]
Angelo de Augustine: Swim Inside the Moon (2017) [r]
Angie Stone: Black Diamond (1999)
Animal Collective: Sung Tongs (2004)
The Animals: Animalism (1966) [r]
Anne Meredith: Varmints (2016)
Annie: Anniemal (2004)
Annie Lennox: Diva (1992)
Anohni: Hopelessness (2016) [r]
Anouar Brahem: Barzakh (1991) [r]
Anthony Joseph: Time (2014) [r]
Anthony Joseph: Caribbean Roots (2016) [hr]
Antibalas: Where the Gods Are in Peace (2017) [r]
Antietam: Rope-a-Dope (1994)
The Antlers: Hospice (2009)
The Antlers: Burst Apart (2011) [hr]
The Antlers: Familiars (2014) [r]
Antibalas (2012) [r]
Antony & the Johnsons: I Am a Bird Now (2005)
Any Trouble: Where Are All the Nice Girls? (1980) [c]
Aphex Twin: Selected Ambient Works 85-92 (1992) [hr]
Aphex Twin: Syro (2014) [c]
Apollo Brown: Grandeur (2015) [r]
The Apples in Stereo: Fun Trick Noisemaker (1995) [r]
The Apples in Stereo: New Magnetic Wonder (2007) [r]
AraabMUZIK: Electronic Dream (2011)
Arab Strap: Monday at the Hug & Pint (2003) [c]
Arca: Xen (2014)
Arca: Mutant (2015)
Arca (2017)
The Arcs: Yours, Dreamily (2015)
Arcade Fire: Funeral (2004) [hr]
Arcade Fire: Neon Bible (2007) [hr]
Arcade Fire: The Suburbs (2010) [hr]
Arcade Fire: Reflektor (2014) [r]
Arcade Fire: Everything Now (2017) [NO]
Archers of Loaf: Icky Mettle (1993)
Architecture in Helsinki: In Case We Die (2005)
Archy Marshall: A New Place 2 Drown (2015) [r]
Arctic Monkeys: Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not (2006) [c]
Aretha Franklin: I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You (1967) [A+]
Ariel Pink: Worn Copy (2005)
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti: Before Today (2010) [hr]
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti: Mature Themes (2012) [NO]
Ariel Pink: pom pom (2014) [NO]
Ariel Pink: Dedicated to Bobby Jameson (2017) [c]
Art Blakey: Moanin' (1958) [hr]
Art Brut: Bang Bang Rock & Roll (2005) [r]
Artful Dodger: It's All About the Stragglers (2000) [r]
Arthur Lee: Vindicator (1972) [c]
Asgeir: In the Silence (2014) [hr]
Asgeir: Afterglow (2017)
Ashley Monroe: The Blade (2015)
Atlas Sound: Logos (2009) [r]
Atlas Sound: Parallax (2011) [hr]
Autechre: Tri Repetae (1995)
The Avalanches: Since I Left You (2000) [hr]
The Avalanches: Wildflower (2016)
Average White Band: AWB (1974) [hr]
The Avett Brothers: Four Thieves Gone (2006) [r]
The Avett Brothers: I and Love and You (2009) [hr]
The Avett Brothers: The Carpenter (2012)
The Avett Brothers: Magpie and the Dandelion (2013)
The Avett Brothers: True Sadness (2016) [r]
Avey Tare: Down There (2010) [c]
Ayub Ogada: En Mana Kuoyo (1993) [hr]
Azealia Banks: Broke with Expensive Taste (2014) [hr]
The B-52's (1979) [hr]
The B-52's: Wild Planet (1980) [hr]
Badbadnotgood: III (2014) [r]
Badbadnotgood: IV (2016) [r]
The Bangles: All Over the Place (1984) [hr]
Basia Bulat: Good Advice (2016) [r]
Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba: I Speak Fula (2010) [hr]
Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba: Jama Ko (2013) [hr]
Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba: Ba Power (2015) [r]
Bat for Lashes: The Haunted Man (2012)
Baths: Obsidian (2013) [r]
The Bats: Free All the Monsters (2011) [r]
The Beach Boys: Surfin' Safari (1962) [r]
The Beach Boys: Surfin' U.S.A. (1963)
The Beach Boys: Surfer Girl (1963) [hr]
The Beach Boys: Little Deuce Coupe (1963) [r]
The Beach Boys: Shut Down Vol. 2 (1964) [r]
The Beach Boys: All Summer Long (1964) [hr]
The Beach Boys: Christmas Album (1964)
The Beach Boys: Today! (1965) [hr]
The Beach Boys: Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!) (1965) [A+]
The Beach Boys: Party! (1965) [r]
The Beach Boys: Pet Sounds (1966) [A+]
The Beach Boys: Smiley Smile (1967) [A+]
The Beach Boys: Wild Honey (1967) [A+]
The Beach Boys: Friends (1968) [A+]
The Beach Boys: 20/20 (1969) [hr]
The Beach Boys: Sunflower (1970) [r]
The Beach Boys: Surf's Up (1971) [r]
The Beach Boys: Carl & the Passions- So Tough (1972) [r]
The Beach Boys: Holland (1973) [hr]
The Beach Boys: 15 Big Ones (1976)
The Beach Boys: Love You (1977) [A+]
The Beach Boys: MIU Album (1978) [c]
The Beach Boys: L.A. (Light Album) (1979)
The Beach Boys: Keepin' the Summer Alive (1980) [NO]
The Beach Boys (1985)
The Beach Boys: Still Cruisin' (1989) [NO]
The Beach Boys: Summer in Paradise (1992) [NO]
The Beach Boys: That's Why God Made the Radio (2012) [NO]
Beach Fossils: Somersault (2017) [r]
Beach House: Devotion (2008) [r]
Beach House: Bloom (2012) [hr]
Beach House: Depression Cherry (2015) [hr]
Beach House: Thank Your Lucky Stars (2015) [r]
Beach Slang: The Things We Do to Find People Who Feel Like Us (2015) [c]
Beach Slang: A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings (2016) [c]
Beastie Boys: Hot Sauce Committee Part Two (2011) [r]
The Beatles: Please Please Me (1963) [A+]
The Beatles: With the Beatles (1963) [A+]
The Beatles: A Hard Day's Night (1964) [A+]
The Beatles: Beatles for Sale (1964) [A+]
Beauty Pill: Beauty Pill Describes Things as They Are (2015)
Beck: Morning Phase (2014) [c]
Belle & Sebastian: The Life Pursuit (2006) [hr]
Belle & Sebastian: Write About Love (2010) [r]
Belle & Sebastian: Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance (2015)
Ben Frost: Aurora (2014)
Ben Frost: The Centre Cannot Hold (2017) [r]
Ben Watt: Hendra (2014)
Benjamin Clementine: I Tell a Fly (2017) [r]
Best Coast: Crazy for You (2010) [r]
Beth Ditto: Fake Sugar (2017) [r]
Beth Orton: Kidsticks (2016) [r]
Beyonce: I Am... Sasha Fierce (2008)
Beyonce: 4 (2011) [r]
Beyonce (2014) [hr]
Beyonce: Lemonade (2016) [hr]
Bicep (2017) [r]
Big Boi: Sir Lucious Left Foot- The Son of Chico Dusty (2010) [r]
Big Star: #1 Record (1972) [A+]
Big Star: Radio City (1973) [A+]
Big Star: Third / Sister Lovers (1978) [A+]
Big Thief: Capacity (2017) [r]
Bilal: A Love Surreal (2013)
Bilal: In Another Life (2015) [r]
Bill Callahan: Dream River (2013)
Bill Ryder-Jones: West Kirby County Primary (2015)
The Bird and the Bee: Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future (2008) [hr]
The Bird and the Bee: Recreational Love (2015) [r]
Bjork: Selmasongs (2000) [hr]
Bjork: Volta (2007) [r]
Bjork: Biophilia (2011) [r]
Bjork: Vulnicura (2015) [r]
Bjork: Utopia (2017) [r]
Black Milk: No Poison No Paradise (2013) [r]
Blackalicious: Imani, Vol. 1 (2015) [r]
Blanck Mass: World Eater (2017) [r]
Blank Realm: Grassed Inn (2014) [r]
Blondie: Pollinator (2017) [r]
Blood Orange: Cupid Deluxe (2013) [r]
Blood Orange: Freetown Sound (2016) [r]
Blue Hawaii: Tenderness (2017) [r]
Blur: Think Tank (2003) [hr]
Blur: The Magic Whip (2015) [r]
Boards of Canada: Tomorrow's Harvest (2013)
Bob Dylan: Together Through Life (2009) [r]
Bob Dylan: Tempest (2012) [hr]
Bob Dylan: Shadows in the Night (2015) [c]
Bob Dylan: Fallen Angels (2016)
Bob Dylan: Triplicate (2017) [c]
Bob Mould: Beauty & Ruin (2014) [r]
Bob Mould: Patch the Sky (2016)
Bobby Rush: Porcupine Meat (2016)
Bombino: Azel (2016) [r]
Bon Iver (2011)
Bon Iver: 22, A Million (2016) [c]
Bonde do Role: Tropical/Bacanal (2012) [r]
Bonnie Raitt: Dig in Deep (2016)
Bonobo: Migration (2017) [r]
The Both (2014)
Brad Paisley: Love and War (2017)
Braid: No Coast (2014) [c]
Brand New: Science Fiction (2017)
Brian Eno: Here Come the Warm Jets (1974) [hr]
Brian Eno: Lux (2012) [r]
Brian Eno: Reflection (2017) [r]
Brian Eno & Karl Hyde: High Life (2014) [r]
Brian Eno & Rick Holland: Drums Between the Bells (2011) [c]
Broken Bells (2010)
Broken Social Scene (2005) [hr]
Broken Social Scene: Hug of Thunder (2017) [r]
Buddy Holly: The "Chirping" Crickets (1957) [hr]
Buddy Holly (1958) [hr]
The Bug: Angels & Devils (2014)
Built to Spill: Untethered Moon (2015) [hr]
Bully: Feels Like (2015) [r]
The Byrds: Fifth Dimension (1966) [hr]
The C.A. Quintet: Trip Thru Hell (1968) [r]
Cake: Motorcade of Generosity (1994)
Cake: Fashion Nugget (1996) [c]
Cake: Prolonging the Magic (1998)
Cake: Comfort Eagle (2001)
Calexico: The Blacklight (1998)
Camera Obscura: Biggest Bluest Hi-Fi (2001) [r]
Camera Obscura: Underachievers Plaese Try Harder (2003) [hr]
Camera Obscura: Let's Get Out of This Country (2006) [hr]
Camera Obscura: My Maudlin Career (2009) [c]
Camera Obscura: Desire Lines (2013) [r]
Caribou: Our Love (2014) [hr]
Carly Rae Jepsen: E-MO-TION (2015) [r]
Car Seat Headrest: Teens of Denial (2016)
case/lang/veirs (2016)
Cass McCombs: Wit's End (2011)
Cass McCombs: Mangy Love (2016)
Cat Power: The Greatest (2006) [hr]
Cat Power: Sun (2012) [r]
ceo: White Magic (2010) [r]
Chance the Rapper: Coloring Book (2016) [r]
Charles Bradley: Victim of Love (2013) [r]
Charles Bradley: Changes (2016)
Charli XCX: True Romance (2013)
Charli XCX: Sucker (2015) [r]
Charlotte Gainsbourg: Rest (2017)
Charly Bliss: Guppy (2017) [hr]
Chastity Belt: Time to Go Home (2015) [hr]
Chastity Belt: I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone (2017) [hr]
Chatham County Line: IV (2008) [hr]
Chatham County Line: Wildwood (2010) [r]
Chatham County Line: Tightrope (2014)
Chatham County Line: Autumn (2016)
Chelsea Wolfe: Abyss (2015)
The Chemical Brothers: Further (2010)
The Chemical Brothers: Born in the Echoes (2015) [r]
Chromatics: Kill for Love (2012) [r]
Chuck Berry: After School Session (1957) [hr]
Chuck Berry: One Dozen Berrys (1958) [hr]
Chuck Berry: Chuck (2017) [r]
Chvrches: The Bones of What You Believe (2013) [r]
Ciara: Basic Instinct (2010) [r]
Ciara (2013) [hr]
Ciara: Jackie (2015)
Cities Aviv: Come to Life (2014) [hr]
Clark (2014) [r]
The Clash (1977) [A+]
The Clash: Give 'Em Enough Rope (1978) [r]
The Clientele: Music for the Age of Miracles (2017) [r]
clipping.: CLPPNG (2014) [hr]
clipping.: Splendor & Misery (2016) [r]
Cloud Nothings: Attack on Memory (2012) [c]
Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld: Never Were the Way She Was (2015) [r]
Collette: When the Music's Loud (2013) [r]
Common: Black America Again (2016) [r]
Conor Oberst: Upside Down Mountain (2014) [r]
Conor Oberst: Salutations (2017)
Converge: The Dusk in Us (2017) [c]
The Coral: Distance Inbetween (2016) [c]
Courtney Barnett: Sometimes I Think and Sit, and Sometimes I Just Sit (2015) [hr]
Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile: Lotta Sea Lice (2017) [c]
Cream: Disraeli Gears (1967) [c]
Crystal Castles (2008) [hr]
Crystal Castles (2010) [hr]
Crystal Castles: (III) (2012)
Crystal Fairy (2017) [r]
Cults (2011) [hr]
Cults: Static (2013)
Cults: Offering (2017)
Curren$y: Jet Files (2009) [r]
Curren$y: Pilot Talk (2010) [hr]
Curren$y: Pilot Talk II (2010) [r]
Curren$y: Weekend at Burnie's (2011) [r]
Curren$y: Muscle Car Chronicles (2012)
Curren$y: The Stoned Immaculate (2012) [r]
Curren$y: Pilot Talk III (2015) [r]
Curren$y: Canal Street Confidential (2015) [c]
Cut Copy: In Ghost Colours (2008) [r]
Cut Copy: Zonoscope (2011) [hr]
Cut Copy: Free Your Mind (2013) [hr]
Cut Copy: Haiku from Zero (2017) [hr]
Cymbals: The Age of Fracture (2014) [r]
D.L. Byron: This Day and Age (1980)
Daft Punk: Homework (1997) [r]
Daft Punk: Discovery (2000) [r]
Daft Punk: Human After All (2005)
Daft Punk: Random Access Memories (2013) [hr]
Dalek: Endangered Philosophies (2017) [r]
Damien Jurado: Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son (2014) [r]
Damien Rice: My Favorite Faded Fantasy (2014) [c]
The Damned: Damned Damned Damned (1977) [hr]
D'Angelo: Voodoo (2000) [hr]
D'Angelo: Black Messiah (2014) [A+]
Danny Brown: The Hybrid (2010)
Danny Brown: XXX (2011) [r]
Danny Brown: Old (2013) [hr]
Danny Brown: Atrocity Exhibition (2016) [hr]
Darkside: Psychic (2013)
Darkstar: Foam Island (2015) [r]
Das Racist: Relax (2011) [hr]
David Bowie: Reality (2003)
David Bowie: The Next Day (2013) [hr]
David Bowie: Blackstar (2016) [hr]
Dawn Richard: Goldenheart (2013) [r]
Dawn Richard: Redemption (2017) [r]
De La Soul: The Grind Date (2004) [r]
De La Soul: And the Anonymous Nobody (2016) [r]
Death Grips: The Money Store (2012) [NO]
The Decemberists: The Hazards of Love (2009)
The Decemberists: The King Is Dead (2011) [hr]
The Decemberists: What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World (2015) [c]
Deer Tick: Vol. 2 (2017) [r]
Deerhoof: The Magic (2016)
Deerhunter: Microcastle (2008) [r]
Deerhunter: Halcyon Digest (2010) [hr]
Deerhunter: Monomania (2013) [c]
Deerhunter: Fading Frontier (2015) [hr]
Della Mae (2015) [r]
Dent May: The Good Feeling Music of Dent May and His Magnificent Ukulele (2009) [hr]
Dent May: Do Things (2012) [r]
Dent May: Warm Blanket (2013)
Dent May: Across the Multiverse (2017) [c]
Denzel Curry: Imperial (2017) [r]
Depeche Mode: Sounds of the Universe (2009) [r]
Depeche Mode: Delta Machine (2013)
Depeche Mode: Spirit (2017) [hr]
Delorean: Subiza (2010) [r]
Destroyer: Trouble in Dreams (2008)
Destroyer: Kaputt (2011) [hr]
Destroyer: Poison Season (2015) [c]
Destroyer: ken (2017) [r]
Devo: Q- Are We Not Men? A- We Are Devo! (1978) [hr]
Devo: Something for Everybody (2010) [NO]
Diet Cig: Swear I'm Good at This (2017) [r]
DIIV: Oshin (2012)
Dilated Peoples: Directors of Photography (2014) [r]
Dirty Beaches: Drifters / Love Is the Devil (2013) [NO]
Dirty Projectors: Swing Lo Magellan (2012)
Dirty Projectors (2017) [NO]
Disclosure: Settle (2013) [r]
Dizzee Rascal: Raskit (2017) [r]
DJ Koze: Amygdala (2013)
DJ Quik: The Book of David (2011) [c]
DJ Rashad: Double Cup (2013) [c]
Do Make Say Think: Stubborn Persistent Illusions (2017) [r]
Don Bryant: Don't Give Up on Love (2017) [r]
Donnie Trumpet & the Social Experiment: Surf (2015)
Drake: Take Care (2011) [NO]
Drive-By Truckers: American Band (2016)
Ducktails: St. Catherine (2015) [r]
Dum Dum Girls: Too True (2014) [r]
Dungen: Alias Sak (2015)
Dutch Uncles: O Shudder (2015) [r]
dvsn: Sept. 5th (2016) [r]
Earl Sweatshirt: I Don't Like Shit, I Don't Go Outside (2015)
East India Youth: Total Strife Forever (2014) [r]
Ed Motta: Perpetual Gateways (2016)
Eels: Hombre Lobo (2009) [r]
Eels: Tomorrow Morning (2010)
eels: Wonderful, Glorious (2013) [r]
eels: The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett (2014) [c]
EL VY: Return to the Moon (2015) [r]
Elbow: The Take Off and Landing of Everything (2014)
Elbow: Little Fictions (2017) [NO]
Eleanor Friedberger: New View (2016) [r]
Eleventh Dream Day: Works for Tomorrow (2015)
El-P: Cancer 4 Cure (2012)
Elza Soares: The Woman at the End of the World (2016) [r]
EMA: Past Life Martyred Saints (2011) [r]
EMA: The Future's Void (2014) [r]
EMA: Exile in the Outer Ring (2017) [r]
Emeralds: Does It Look Like I'm Here? (2010) [c]
Emma Pollock: In Search of Harperfield (2016)
Empress Of: Me (2015) [c]
Esperanza Spalding: Emily's D+Evolution (2016) [r]
The Essex Green: Cannibal Sea (2006)
The Everly Brothers (1958) [hr]
The Everly Brothers: Songs Our Daddy Taught Us (1958) [hr]
Everything Everything: Get to Heaven (2015) [NO]
Ex Hex: Rips (2014) [r]
Explosions in the Sky: The Wilderness (2016) [r]
The Extra Lens: Undercard (2010) [r]
Ezra Furman: Day of the Dog (2013) [hr]
Ezra Furman: Perpetual Motion People (2015) [hr]
Factory Floor: 25 25 (2016) [r]
The Faint: Blank Wave Arcade (1999)
Fairport Convention (1967)
Faith No More: Angel Dust (1992) [NO]
Faithless: Reverence (1996) [c]
FaltyDL: Heaven Is for Quitters (2017) [r]
Fang Island (2010)
Fantasia: Back to Me (2010) [hr]
Fantasia: Side Effects of You (2013) [hr]
Fantasia: The Definition Of... (2016) [r]
Fatboy Slim: Better Living Through Chemistry (1996) [NO]
Fatboy Slim: You've Come a Long Way, Baby (1998)
Father John Misty: I Love You, Honeybear (2015)
Father John Misty: Pure Comedy (2017) [NO]
The Feelies: In Between (2017)
Feist: The Reminder (2007) [hr]
Feist: Metals (2011)
Feist: Pleasure (2017) [r]
Fever Ray: Plunge (2017)
The Field: Looping State of Mind (2011) [r]
The Field: Cupid's Head (2013) [r]
Field Music: Commontime (2016) [r]
Fiona Apple: Extraordinary Machine (2005) [hr]
Fiona Apple: The Idler Wheel... (2012) [hr]
First Aid Kit: Stay Gold (2014) [r]
FKA twigs: LP1 (2014) [NO]
The Flaming Lips: Embryonic (2009) [hr]
The Flaming Lips: The Terror (2013)
The Flaming Lips: Oczy Mlody (2017) [hr]
The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends (2012)
Fleet Foxes: Helplessness Blues (2011) [c]
Fleet Foxes: Crack-Up (2017) [c]
Floating Points: Elaenia (2015) [r]
Floating Points: Reflections - Mojave Desert (2017) [r]
Flock of Dimes: If You See Me, Say Yes (2016) [hr]
Flying Lotus: Cosmogramma (2010)
Flying Lotus: Until the Quiet Comes (2012)
Flying Lotus: You're Dead! (2014) [hr]
The Foreign Exchange: Tales from the Land of Milk and Honey (2015) [r]
Forest Swords: Engravings (2013) [c]
Forest Swords: Compassion (2017) [r]
Four Tet: There Is Love in You (2010) [r]
Four Tet: Beautiful Rewind (2013) [c]
Four Tet: Morning/Evening (2015) [r]
Foxygen: We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors... (2013)
Frank Ocean: Channel Orange (2012) [r]
Frank Ocean: Blonde (2016) [r]
Frankie Cosmos: Next Thing (2016) [r]
Frankie Rose: Interstellar (2012)
Freddie Gibbs: You Only Live 2wice (2017) [r]
Fuck Buttons: Slow Focus (2013) [c]
Fucked Up: David Comes to Life (2011)
Fucked Up: Glass Boys (2014)
Future: DS2 (2015)
Future Bible Heroes: Partygoing (2013) [hr]
Future Islands: Singles (2014) [r]
Galaxie 500: Today (1988) [hr]
Galaxie 500: On Fire (1989) [hr]
Galaxie 500: This Is Our Music (1990) [A+]
Gang Gang Dance: Eye Contact (2011) [r]
Gang of Four: Entertainment! (1979) [A+]
Gang of Four: Content (2011) [r]
Gas: Narkopop (2017) [r]
Gaz Coombes: Matador (2015)
Gerard Way: Hesitant Alien (2014)
Ghost Culture (2015) [r]
Ghostface Killah: Twelve Reasons to Die II (2015) [r]
Ghostface Killah & BadBadNotGood: Sour Soul (2015) [hr]
Ghostpoet: Shedding Skin (2015) [r]
Girlpool: Powerplant (2017)
Girls: Father, Son, Holy Ghost (2011)
Glenn Jones: Fleeting (2016) [r]
Goat: Requiem (2016) [r]
Godspeed You! Black Emperor: 'Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend (2012) [NO]
Gold Panda: Good Luck and Do Your Best (2016) [r]
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Nothing: Tired of Tomorrow (2016) [r]
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Pinkshinyultrablast: Grandfeathered (2016) [hr]
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Pity Sex: White Hot Moon (2016) [hr]
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Porches: Pool (2016)
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Run the Jewels (2013) [hr]
Run the Jewels 2 (2014) [hr]
Run the Jewels 3 (2017) [hr]
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Sam Cooke: Cooke's Tour (1960)
Sam Cooke: Night Beat (1963) [A+]
Samiyam: Animals Have Feelings (2016) [hr]
Samiyam: Pizza Party (2017) [r]
Sampha: Process (2017)
Sarah Cracknell: Red Kite (2015) [r]
Saturday Looks Good to Me: Fill Up the Room (2007) [hr]
Saturday Looks Good to Me: One Kiss Ends It All (2013) [r]
Savages: Silence Yourself (2013) [hr]
Savages: Adore Life (2016) [hr]
School of Seven Bells: SVIIB (2016)
Schoolboy Q: Habits and Contradictions (2012) [c]
Schoolboy Q: Blank Face LP (2016)
Scott Walker & Sunn O))): Soused (2014)
Sepalcure (2011) [r]
September Girls: Cursing the Sea (2014) [hr]
September Girls: Age of Indignation (2016)
Shabazz Palaces: Black Up (2011) [hr]
Shabazz Palaces: Lese Majesty (2014) [hr]
Shabazz Palaces: Quazarz vs. the Jealous Machines (2017) [r]
Shabazz Palaces: Quazarz- Born on a Gangster Star (2017) [hr]
Shamir: Ratchet (2015) [r]
Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings: Give the People What They Want (2014) [r]
Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings: Soul of a Woman (2017) [r]
Sharon Van Etten: Are We There (2014) [c]
She & Him: Volume Two (2010) [r]
Shearwater: Jet Plane and Oxbow (2016)
Sheer Mag: Need to Feel Your Love (2017) [hr]
Sherwood & Pinch: Man vs. Sofa (2017) [r]
The Shins: Wincing the Night Away (2007) [A+]
The Shins: Port of Morrow (2012) [c]
The Shins: Heartworms (2017) [r]
Shopping: Why Choose (2015) [r]
Shura: Nothing's Real (2016) [r]
Sidestepper: Supernatural Love (2016) [r]
Simian Mobile Disco: Welcome to Sideways (2017) [r]
Sleaford Mods: Divide and Exit (2014) [NO]
Sleater-Kinney: No Cities to Love (2015) [r]
Sleigh Bells: Treats (2010) [NO]
Slowdive: Pygmalion (1995)
Slowdive (2017) [hr]
Smith Westerns: Dye It Blonde (2011) [hr]
Smith Westerns: Soft Will (2013)
Smokey Robinson & the Miracles: Make It Happen (1967) [hr]
SOHN: Tremors (2014) [hr]
SOHN: Rennen (2017) [r]
Solange: A Seat at the Table (2016) [hr]
Songhoy Blues: Music in Exile (2015) [r]
Songhoy Blues: Resistance (2017) [hr]
Sound of Rum: Balance (2011) [r]
Sparks: Hippopotamus (2017)
Speedy Ortiz: Major Arcana (2013)
Speedy Ortiz: Foil Deer (2015) [c]
Spiral Stairs: Doris & the Daggers (2017) [r]
Spiritualized: Sweet Heart, Sweet Light (2012) [r]
The Spook School: Try to Be Hopeful (2015) [r]
Spoon: Transference (2010) [r]
Spoon: They Want My Soul (2014) [r]
Spoon: Hot Thoughts (2017) [r]
St. Vincent: Strange Mercy (2011) [r]
St. Vincent (2014) [r]
St. Vincent: Masseduction (2017)
Stealing Sheep: Not Real (2015) [r]
Steve Gunn: Way Out Weather (2014)
Steve Gunn: Eyes on the Lines (2016)
Steve Hauschildt: Strands (2017) [r]
Stevie Wonder: Music of My Mind (1972) [hr]
Stevie Wonder: Talking Book (1972) [hr]
Stevie Wonder: Innervisions (1973) [A+]
Stevie Wonder: Fulfillingness' First Finale (1974) [A+]
Strand of Oaks: Heal (2014) [NO]
The Strokes: Angles (2011) [r]
The Strokes: Comedown Machine (2013) [hr]
Sturgill Simpson: A Sailor's Guide to Earth (2016) [c]
Suckers: Candy Salad (2012) [hr]
Suede: Bloodsports (2013) [r]
Sufjan Stevens: Illinoise (2005) [hr]
Sufjan Stevens: The Age of Adz (2010) [hr]
Sufjan Stevens: Carrie & Lowell (2015) [r]
Sufjan Stevens/Bryce Dessner/Nico Muhly/James McAlister: Planetarium (2017) [r]
Sun Kil Moon: Benji (2014) [c]
Sun Kil Moon: Universal Themes (2015) [c]
A Sunny Day in Glasgow: Sea When Absent (2014) [c]
Surfer Blood: Pythons (2013) [c]
Surfer Blood: 1000 Palms (2015) [r]
Surfer Blood: Snowdonia (2017) [r]
Susanne Sundfor: Ten Love Songs (2015) [r]
Suzanne Vega: Tales from the Realm of the Queen of Pentacles (2014) [r]
Swans: The Seer (2012) [NO]
Swet Shop Boys: Cashmere (2016) [hr]
Sylvan Esso (2014) [r]
Sylvan Esso: What Now (2017) [r]
SZA: CTRL (2017)
T.I.: King (2006) [r]
Tacocat: Lost Time (2016) [r]
Talib Kweli & 9th Wonder: Indie 500 (2015) [r]
Talking Heads: 77 (1977) [hr]
Talking Heads: More Songs About Buildings and Food (1978) [A+]
Talking Heads: Fear of Music (1979) [A+]
Talking Heads: Remain in Light (1980) [A+]
The Tallest Man on Earth: There's No Leaving Now (2012) [hr]
The Tallest Man on Earth: Dark Bird Is Home (2015)
Tame Impala: Innerspeaker (2010) [hr]
Tame Impala: Lonerism (2012) [r]
Tame Impala: Currents (2015) [hr]
Teddy Thompson: Bella (2011) [c]
Teen Daze: Themes for Dying Earth (2017) [r]
Tegan and Sara: Heartthrob (2013) [hr]
Tegan and Sara: Love You to Death (2016) [hr]
Television: Marquee Moon (1977) [A+]
Television: Adventure (1978) [hr]
Tennis: Cape Dory (2011) [r]
Terry Malts: Killing Time (2012) [hr]
Terry Malts: Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere (2013)
Terry Malts: Lost at the Party (2016) [r]
Thao & the Get Down Stay Down: We the Common (2013) [hr]
Thao & the Get Down Stay Down: A Man Alive (2016) [hr]
The-Dream: Love King (2010) [r]
Thee Oh Sees: Mutilator Defeated at Last (2015) [r]
Thee Oh Sees: A Weird Exits (2016) [r]
THEESatisfaction: EarthEE (2015)
These New Puritans: Field of Reeds (2013) [c]
This Is the Kit: Moonshine Freeze (2017) [r]
Thundercat: Drunk (2017)
Thurston Moore: Rock N Roll Consciousness (2017) [r]
Tim Hecker: Ravedeath, 1972 (2011) [c]
Tim Hecker: Love Streams (2016)
Times New Viking: Dancer Equired (2011) [r]
Tinariwen: Emmaar (2014) [r]
Tinariwen: Elwan (2017) [r]
Tinashe: Aquarius (2014) [hr]
Tinashe: Nightride (2016) [r]
Tindersticks: The Waiting Room (2016) [c]
Titus Andronicus: The Monitor (2010) [hr]
Titus Andronicus: Local Business (2012) [hr]
Titus Andronicus: The Most Lamentable Tragedy (2015) [c]
Tobias Jesso Jr.: Goon (2015) [c]
Todd Terje: It's Album Time (2014) [hr]
TOPS: Sugar at the Gate (2017) [r]
Toro Y Moi: Underneath the Pine (2011)
Toumani Diabate: Toumani & Sidiki (2014) [hr]
Trombone Shorty: Parking Lot Symphony (2017) [r]
Trey Songz: Trigga (2014) [c]
A Tribe Called Quest: We Got It from Here, Thank You 4 Your Service (2016) [hr]
tUnE-yArDs: BiRd-BrAiNs (2009) [hr]
tUnE-yArDs: whokill (2011) [A+]
tUnE-yArDs: Nikki Nack (2014) [hr]
Tuxedo (2015) [r]
TV on the Radio: Dear Science (2008) [hr]
TV on the Radio: Nine Types of Light (2011) [hr]
TV on the Radio: Seeds (2014) [r]
Twerps: Range Anxiety (2015) [hr]
The Twilight Sad: Nobody Wants to Be Here and Nobody Wants to Leave (2014)
Twin Shadow: Forget (2010) [r]
Twin Shadow: Confess (2012) [hr]
Twin Shadow: Eclipse (2015) [r]
Ty Dolla $ign: Free TC (2015) [r]
Ty Segall: Slaughterhouse (2012)
Ty Segall: Manipulator (2014)
Ty Segall (2017) [r]
Tycho: Epoch (2016) [r]
Tyler, the Creator: Flower Boy (2017) [r]
The Underachievers: Cellar Door (2014) [hr]
The Underachievers: Evermore- The Art of Duality (2015) [r]
The Underachievers: Renaissance (2017) [hr]
Underworld: Barbara Barbara, We Face a Shining Future (2016) [r]
Unknown Mortal Orchestra: Multi-Love (2015)
Vagaon: Infinite Worlds (2017) [r]
Valerie June: The Order of Time (2017) [hr]
Valet: Nature (2015) [r]
Vampire Weekend (2008) [r]
Vampire Weekend: Modern Vampires of the City (2013) [A+]
Vashti Bunyan: Heartleap (2014) [r]
The Velvet Underground & Nico (1967) [hr]
The Velvet Underground: White Light / White Heat (1968) [A+]
The Velvet Underground (1969) [A+]
The Velvet Underground: Loaded (1970) [A+]
Venetian Snares: Traditional Synthesizer Music (2016) [r]
Venice Dawn/Adrian Younge: Something About April II (2016) [r]
The Very Best: Makes a King (2015) [r]
Vessel: Punish, Honey (2014) [hr]
Vijay Iyer/Wadada Leo Smith: A Cosmic Rhythm with Each Stroke (2016)
Vince Staples: Summertime '06 (2015)
Vince Staples: Big Fish Theory (2017) [hr]
Visible Cloaks: Reassemblage (2017) [r]
The Walkmen: Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me Is Gone (2002) [hr]
The Walkmen: Bows + Arrows (2004) [hr]
The Walkmen: A Hundred Miles Off (2006) [hr]
The Walkmen: You & Me (2008) [hr]
The Walkmen: Lisbon (2010) [hr]
The Walkmen: Heaven (2012) [hr]
The War on Drugs: Slave Ambient (2011) [NO]
Warpaint (2014) [r]
Washed Out: Within and Without (2011) [r]
The Wave Pictures: City Forgiveness (2013) [A+]
The Wave Pictures: Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon (2015) [hr]
The Wave Pictures: A Season in Hull (2016) [hr]
The Wave Pictures: Bamboo Diner in the Rain (2016) [hr]
Wavves: King of the Beach (2010) [r]
Waxahatchee: Cerulean Salt (2013) [r]
Waxahatchee: Ivy Tripp (2015) [c]
Waxahatchee: Out in the Storm (2017) [r]
We Are Scientists: Barbara (2010) [NO]
Weekend: Jinx (2013) [r]
Weyes Blood: Front Row Seat to Earth (2016) [r]
White Lung: Deep Fantasy (2014)
White Lung: Paradise (2016)
Whitney: Light Upon the Lake (2016) [hr]
Widowspeak: All Yours (2015) [r]
Wilco: The Whole Love (2011) [hr]
Wilco: Star Wars (2015) [r]
Wilco: Schmilco (2016)
Wild Beasts: Present Tense (2014) [r]
Wild Nothing: Gemini (2010) [r]
Wild Nothing: Nocturne (2012) [r]
William Basinksi: A Shadow in Time (2016) [r]
William Bell: This Is Where I Live (2016) [r]
William Tyler: Modern Country (2016) [r]
Willis Earl Beal: Acousmatic Sorcery (2012) [r]
A Winged Victory for the Sullen: Atomos (2014) [r]
Wire: Pink Flag (1977) [A+]
Wire: Red Barked Tree (2011) [r]
Wire: Change Becomes Us (2013)
Wire (2015) [r]
Wolf Alice: My Love Is Cool (2015) [r]
Wolf Alice: Visions of a Life (2017) [hr]
Wolf Parade: Cry Cry Cry (2017) [r]
Woods: With Light and With Love (2014) [r]
WU LYF: Go Tell Fire to the Mountain (2011) [NO]
Wussy: Attica (2014) [r]
Wye Oak: Civilian (2011) [r]
The xx: Coexist (2012) [hr]
The xx: I See You (2017) [r]
Xylouris White: Black Peak (2016) [r]
Y.G.: My Krazy Life (2014) [r]
Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Mosquito (2013) [c]
Yeasayer: Fragrant World (2012) [r]
Yello: Toy (2016) [r]
Yo Gotti: I Am (2013) [r]
Yo La Tengo: I Can Heart Beating as One (1997) [A+]
Yo La Tengo: Popular Songs (2009) [hr]
Yo La Tengo: Fade (2013) [hr]
Yo La Tengo: Stuff Like That There (2015) [hr]
Yoko Ono: Take Me to the Land of Hell (2013) [hr]
Young & Sick (2014) [r]
Young Ejecta: The Planet (2015) [r]
Young Fathers: Dead (2014) [r]
Young Fathers: White Men Are Black Men Too (2015) [r]
Young Thug: Barter 6 (2015)
Young Thug: JEFFREY (2016) [r]
Youth Lagoon: The Year of Hibernation (2011) [r]
Youth Lagoon: Wondrous Bughouse (2013) [NO]
Yuck (2011) [r]
Yumi Zouma: Willowbank (2017) [r]
Zara McFarlane: Arise (2017) [r]
Zo!: Skybreak (2016) [r]
Zola Jesus: Okovi (2017)

A$AP Rocky: LiveLoveA$AP (2011) [hr]
Aimee Mann: Magnolia OST (1999) [c]
Big K.R.I.T.: Return of 4Eva (2011)
Bjork: Selmasongs (2000) [hr]
Chance the Rapper: Acid Rap (2013)
The Chemical Brothers: Hanna OST (2011) [r]
clipping.: Midcity (2013) [hr]
Curren$y: Return to the Winner's Circle (2011) [hr]
Curren$y: Verde Terrace (2011)
Curren$y: New Jet City (2013)
Curren$y: The Drive-In Theatre (2014)
Curren$y: The Fo20 Massacre (2017) [r]
Curren$y: The Champagne Files (2017) [c]
Curren$y & The Alchemist: Covert Coup (2011)
Das Racist: Sit Down, Man (2010) [r]
Erykah Badu: But You Caint Use My Phone (2015) [r]
Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie xx: We're New Here (2011) [r]
Joey Purp: iiiDrops (2016) [r]
Kelela: Cut 4 Me (2013) [hr]
Lupe Fiasco: Friend of the People (2012) [c]
The Mountain Goats: All Survivors Pack (2011) [r]
Nils Frahm: Victoria OST (2015) [r]
Radiohead: TKOL RMX 1234567 (2011)
The Weeknd: House of Balloons (2011) [r]

LIVE ALBUMS (dates given are those of recording, not release)
The Beach Boys: Concert (1964)
The Beach Boys: Live in London (1968)
The Beach Boys: In Concert (1972-73)
The Beach Boys: Good Timin'- Live at Knebworth 1980 (1980)
The Beach Boys: Songs from Here and Back (1974-2005)
The Beach Boys: Live- The 50th Anniversary Tour (2012) [c]
The Beach Boys: Live in Sacramento 1964 (1964)
The Beach Boys: Live in Chicago 1965 (1965) [c]
The Beach Boys: Graduation Day 1966- Live at the University of Michigan (1966)
The Beach Boys: 1967- Live Sunshine (1967)
Talking Heads: The Name of This Band Is Talking Heads (1977-81) [hr]

Advance Base: The World Is in a Bad Fix Everywhere (2013)
Alexi Murdoch: Four Songs (2002) [hr]
Andrew Bird: I Want to See Pulaski at Night (2013)
Animal Collective: Fall Be Kind (2009)
Anohni: Paradise (2017) [r]
The Antlers: (together) (2011)
The Antlers: Undersea (2012) [r]
Arcade Fire (2003)
The Avalanches: At Last Alone (2001)
Azealia Banks: Slay-Z (2016) [c]
The Beach Boys: Four by the Beach Boys (1964) [r]
The Beach Boys: Mount Vernon and Fairway (1973) [r]
The Beach Boys: Pet Sounds Sessions/Sub Pop Singles Club (1996) [r]
The Beach Boys: Good Vibrations- 40th Anniversary Edition (2006)
The B-52's: Party Mix (1981)
The B-52's: Mesopotamia (1982) [r]
Bangles (1982) [hr]
Burial: Kindred (2012)
Burial: Rival Dealer (2013) [r]
clipping.: Wriggle (2016) [r]
Colleen Green: Cujo (2011) [r]
Courtney Barnett: I've Got a Friend Called Emily Ferris (2012) [hr]
Courtney Barnett: How to Carve a Carrot into a Rose (2013) [hr]
Crystal Stilts: Radiant Door (2011) [hr]
Cut Copy: January Tape (2016) [r]
Darkside (2011) [r]
The Decemberists: iTunes Session (2011) [r]
The Decemberists: Long Live the King (2011) [r]
Destroyer: Five Spanish Songs (2013)
Dum Dum Girls: End of Daze (2012)
Ezra Furman: Songs by Others (2016) [hr]
Ezra Furman: Big Fugitive Life (2016) [r]
The Flaming Lips: With Neon Indian (2011) [r]
G.L.O.S.S.: Trans Day of Revenge (2016)
Girls: Broken Dreams Club (2010) [r]
Holy Fuck: Bird Brains (2017) [hr]
Hot Chip: We Have Remixes (2010) [r]
James Blake: CMYK (2010)
Jlin: Dark Lotus (2017) [hr]
Joanna Newsom: Walnut Whales (2002) [r]
Joanna Newsom: Yarn and Glue (2003) [r]
Joanna Newsom & the Ys Street Band (2007) [r]
Kamasi Washington: Harmony of Difference (2017) [r]
Kelela: Hallucinogen (2015) [hr]
Lady Lamb: Tender Warriors Club (2016)
Lizzo: Coconut Oil (2016) [r]
Mates of State: You're Going to Make It (2015) [NO]
MO: Bikini Daze (2013) [r]
The Mountain Goats: Selected Goths in Ambient (2017)
The Mountain Goats: Marsh Witch Visions (2017) [r]
Nao: February 15th (2015)
Nicolas Jaar: Don't Break My Love (2011)
Okkervil River: Golden Opportunities 2 (2011)
Oneohtrix Point Never: Commissions I (2014) [r]
PAPA: A Good Woman Is Hard to Find (2011) [hr]
The Paranoid Style: Rock and Roll Just Can't Recall (2015) [r]
R.E.M.: Chronic Town (1982) [A+]
Radiohead: TKOL RMX 8 (2011)
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever: Talk Tight (2016) [r]
Sharon Van Etten: I Don't Want to Let You Down (2015)
Sheer Mag: I (2014) [r]
Sheer Mag: II (2015) [hr]
Sheer Mag: III (2016) [hr]
The Strokes: Future Present Past (2016)
Sufjan Stevens: All Delighted People (2010) [r]
Surfer Blood: Tarot Classics (2011) [r]
Swet Shop Boys: Sufi La (2017) [hr]
The Tallest Man on Earth: Sometimes the Blues Is Just a Passing Bird (2010) [hr]
Terry Malts: Insides (2014) [r]
Thundercat: The Beyond/Where the Giants Roam (2015)
TNGHT (2012) [r]
Vampire Weekend: iTunes Session (2011) [r]
Vince Staples: Hell Can Wait (2014)
Vince Staples: Prima Donna (2016) [r]
Yo La Tengo: Stupid Things (2012) [r]
Yossou N'Dour: Senegaal Rekk (2016) [r]

The "5" Royales: All Righty! The Apollo Recordings (1951-55) [r]
The "5" Royales: Complete King Masters (1954-60) [A+]
? & the Mysterians: Best Of- Cameo Parkway (1966-67) [hr]
101 Strings Orchestra: 20 Years of Beautiful Music (1969) [hr]
1910 Fruitgum Co.: Best Of (1968-70) [hr]
Aaron Neville: A Collection of His Best (1966-2006) [NO]
The Action: The Ultimate! Action (1964-68) [r]
Adam and the Ants: Stand and Deliver- Very Best Of (1977-95)
Adriano Celentano: Best (1975-99) [r]
The Adverts: The Singles (1977-79) [r]
Afrika Bambaataa: Looking for the Perfect Beat (1980-2001) [hr]
Al Green: Definitive Greatest Hits (1967-2007) [hr]
Al Martino: The Ultimate Al Martino (1952-79)
Alabina: L'Essentiel (1996-2000)
Alan Lomax: The Alan Lomax Popular Songbook (1933-59) [r]
Albert Ammons: The Boogie Woogie Man (1936-44) [r]
Albert Ayler: Free Form Jazz (1963-69) [hr]
Albert King: Best of (1968-73)
Alex Chilton: A Retrospective (1967-95) [r]
All Saints: All Hits (1997-2001) [r]
Amos Milburn: Bad Bad Whiskey (1947-55) [r]
The Andrews Sisters: Best Of (1937-50) [hr]
The Animals: Best Of (1964-65) [hr]
Ann Peebles: The Complete Ann Peebles on Hi Records Vol. 1 (1969-73) [r]
Archie Bell & the Drells: Tightening It Up (1967-79) [hr]
Aretha Franklin: 20 Greatest Hits (1967-74) [A+]
Art of Noise: Best Of (1983-92) [c]
Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup: Complete Recorded Works Vol. 2 (1946-49) [r]
Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup: Complete Recorded Works Vol. 3 (1949-52)
Arthur Alexander: The Ultimate (1961-75) [A+]
The Artwoods: 100 Oxford Street (1964-66)
Ashford & Simpson: Best Of (1973-90) [r]
At the Drive-In: This Station Is Non-Operational (1997-2000) [c]
B.B. King: His Definitive Greatest Hits (1951-93)
B.T. Express: Best Of (1974-80) [r]
Badfinger: Very Best Of (1969-74) [hr]
The Bangles: Greatest Hits (1984-90) [hr]
The Beach Boys: Best Of (1963-65) [c]
The Beach Boys: Best Of, Vol. 2 (1962-65) [c]
The Beach Boys: Best Of, Vol. 3 (1961-67) [c]
The Beach Boys: Stack-o-Tracks (1963-68) [r]
The Beach Boys: Endless Summer (1962-65) [A+]
The Beach Boys: Spirit of America (1962-69) [r]
The Beach Boys: Good Vibrations- Best Of (1965-72) [c]
The Beach Boys: 20 Golden Greats (1963-69)
The Beach Boys: Ten Years of Harmony (1970-80)
The Beach Boys: Sunshine Dream (1964-69) [r]
The Beach Boys: Rarities (1962-70) [r]
The Beach Boys: Made in U.S.A. (1962-86)
The Beach Boys: [twofer bonus tracks] (1962-70) [r]
The Beach Boys: Lost & Found 1961-62 (1961-62) [r]
The Beach Boys: Greatest Hits Vol. 1: 20 Good Vibrations (1962-88)
The Beach Boys: Endless Harmony (1963-98) [hr]
The Beach Boys: Ultimate Christmas (1963-77) [r]
The Beach Boys: Greatest Hits Vol. 2: 20 More Good Vibrations (1963-70) [r]
The Beach Boys: Surfin' (1961-62) [r]
The Beach Boys: Greatest Hits Vol. 3: Best of the Brother Years (1970-86)
The Beach Boys: Very Best Of (1962-88)
The Beach Boys: Hawthorne, CA (1960-99)
The Beach Boys: Classics, Selected by Brian Wilson (1963-2002) [r]
The Beach Boys: Sounds of Summer (1962-88) [hr]
The Beach Boys: The Warmth of the Sun (1962-86) [r]
The Beach Boys: Summer Love Songs (1963-71)
The Beach Boys: Fifty Big Ones (1962-2012) [r]
The Beach Boys [etc.]: The Big Beat 1963 (1963) [r]
The Beach Boys: Keep an Eye on Summer- Sessions 1964 (1964)
The Beach Boys: Party! Uncovered and Unplugged (1965) [r]
The Beach Boys: Becoming the Beach Boys- The Complete Hite & Dorinda Morgan Sessions (1961-62) [r]
The Beach Boys: 1967- Sunshine Tomorrow (1967) [hr]
The Beach Boys: 1967- Sunshine Tomorrow 2: The Studio Sessions (1967) [r]
Bo Diddley: 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection (1955-62)
Buddy Holly: Greatest Hits (1957-59) [A+]
Buddy Holly: Down the Line- Rarities (1949-59) [hr]
Cabaret Voltaire: The Original Sound of Sheffield (1978-82)
Camouflage: Rewind- Best Of (1987-95) [r]
Carl Perkins: Original Sun Greatest Hits (1955-57) [A+]
Chuck Berry: The Great Twenty-Eight (1955-65) [A+]
Courtney Barnett: The Double EP- A Sea of Split Peas (2012-13) [hr]
Dale Hawkins: Oh! Suzy-Q (1957-61) [r]
The Doors: Greatest Hits (1966-71) [NO]
Earl Bostic Blows a Fuse (1946-58) [r]
The Everly Brothers: Cadence Classics- 20 Greatest Hits (1957-60) [hr]
The Everly Brothers: Walk Right Back (Warner Years) (1960-69) [r]
Faces: The Definitive Rock Collection (1970-75) [NO]
Fat Boys: All Meat No Filler (1984-89) [r]
The Four Seasons: Very Best of Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons (1962-78) [c]
Game Theory: Tinker to Evers to Chance (1982-90)
Gene Vincent: Best Of (1956-63) [A+]
Hall & Oates: The Essential Collection (1974-2001) [NO]
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The Impressions: Definitive (1961-68) [hr]
J.B. Lenoir: Vietnam Blues (1965-66) [hr]
Jack Nitzsche: Hearing Is Believing (1962-79) [hr]
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R.E.M.: Eponymous (1981-85)
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Sheer Mag: Compilation [I/II/III] (2014-16) [hr]
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Talking Heads: Bonus Rarities and Outtakes (1975-92)
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The Yardbirds: Ultimate! (1964-69) [hr]

The Beach Boys: The Capitol Years (1961-69)
The Beach Boys: Good Vibrations- Thirty Years of the Beach Boys (1961-88) [hr]
The Beach Boys: The Pet Sounds Sessions (1966) [hr]
The Beach Boys: The Platinum Collection (1961-88)
The Beach Boys: The Original U.S. Singles Collection (1962-65)
The Beach Boys: The Smile Sessions (1965-67)
The Beach Boys: Made in California (1960-2012) [c]
The Beach Boys: Pet Sounds- 50th Anniversary Edition (1966)
Big Star: Keep an Eye on the Sky (1970-74) [r]
Billie Holiday: The Master Takes and Singles (1935-42) [A+]
Chuck Berry: The Chess Box (1955-75) [r]
James Brown: Star Time (1956-84) [A+]
Little Richard: The Specialty Sessions (1954-60) [hr]
Phil Spector: Back to Mono (1958-69) [A+]
Sam Cooke: The Man Who Invented Soul (1957-61) [hr]

The Beach Boys: In the Beginning/The Garage Tapes (1960-63)
The Beach Boys: Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 1: Surfin' Safari (1962)
The Beach Boys: Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 2: Surfin' U.S.A. (1963)
The Beach Boys: Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 3: Surfer Girl (1963)
The Beach Boys: Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 4 (1963)
The Beach Boys: Live in Sacramento (1964)
The Beach Boys: Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 5 (1964)
The Beach Boys: Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 6: All Summer Long (1964)
The Beach Boys: Christmas Sessions (1964) [r]
The Beach Boys: Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 7: Today! Vol. 1 (1965) [r]
The Beach Boys: Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 8: Today! Vol. 2 (1965) [r]
The Beach Boys: (various rare & bootlegged items) (1964-65)
The Beach Boys: Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 9: Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!) (1965)
The Beach Boys: Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 10: Party! (1965)
The Beach Boys: Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 11 (1964-65)
The Beach Boys: Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 12: Sloop John B (1965)
The Beach Boys: Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 13: Pet Sounds Vol. 1 (1966) [r]
The Beach Boys: Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 14: Pet Sounds Vol. 2 (1966) [r]
The Beach Boys: Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 15: Good Vibrations (1966)
The Beach Boys: Smile [Vigotone] (1966-67)
The Beach Boys: Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 16: Smile (1966-67)
The Beach Boys: Smile [Purple Chick] (1966-67)
The Beach Boys: Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 17: Smile Sessions (1966-67)
The Beach Boys: Lei'd in Hawaii (1967)
The Beach Boys: Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 18: Smiley Smile (1967) [r]
The Beach Boys: Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 19: Wild Honey (1967) [r]
The Beach Boys: Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 20: Friends etc. (1968-69)
The Beach Boys: Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 21: Today!/Summer Days Stereo (1965)
The Beach Boys: All This Is That (1967-80)
The Beach Boys: Landlocked (1969-71) [c]
The Beach Boys & the Flame: The Beach Boys Meet the Flame (1970)
The Beach Boys: Do It Again (1971) [r]
The Beach Boys: Sunflower- Bonus Tracks (1969-70) [r]
The Beach Boys: Surf's Up- Bonus Tracks (1970-71)
The Beach Boys: Holland- Bonus Tracks (1972-74) [r]
The Beach Boys: 15 Big Ones- Bonus Tracks (1975-78) [c]
The Beach Boys/Brian Wilson: Adult Child (1976-77)
The Beach Boys: Alternate Love You (1977)
The Beach Boys: MIU Album- Bonus Tracks (1977)
The Beach Boys: L.A.- Bonus Tracks (1978-79)
The Beach Boys: Keepin' the Summer Alive- Bonus Tracks (1979-83) [NO]
The Beach Boys [Brian Wilson/Dennis Wilson]: The Cocaine Tapes (1981)
The Beach Boys: (latter-day odds and ends) (1984-91) [NO]
Oasis: The Early Years (1992-95)

[I really need to get back to this, and I will! Once I've got a few more Backmasking and Essentials posts under the belt I'll kick this off in earnest. This first one also needs to be updated.]
non-LP cuts: #

Pilot (000): The Bangles introduction
001: The Beach Boys
002: The Beatles
003: *** *****
004: ***** ***
005: *** *****

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1. Sweet Little Sixteen
2. Memphis
3. Too Much Monkey Business
4. School Days (Ring! Ring! Goes the Bell)
5. Brown Eyed Handsome Man
6. Johnny B. Goode
7. No Particular Place to Go
8. Thirty Days
9. Maybellene
10. Promised Land
11. Around and Around
12. You Can't Catch Me
13. Reelin' and Rockin'
14. You Never Can Tell
15. I'm Talking About You
16. Almost Grown
17. Nadine
18. It Don't Take But a Few Minutes
19. Back in the U.S.A.
20. Carol
21. I Want to Be Your Driver
22. Wee Wee Hours
23. Roll Over Beethoven
24. Beautiful Delilah
25. Rock and Roll Music
26. Little Queenie
27. Come On
28. Havana Moon
29. Let It Rock
30. Big Boys
bonus track: Ramona Say Yes


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