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The Best Songs of the 2010s

It's rather easy and understandable to denounce a list like this as a superficial, arbitrary round of aimless geekery. What difference does it make whether a song was released in 2009 or 2010, or whether one is #22 or #24? For me, however, this became an extremely important task I set for myself throughout this last year of the decade. The 2010s were an eventful time, a transformative time for me, and I have felt obsessed with cataloging its phases, not only to try and capture the full spectrum of emotions these songs and years evoke but in order to ensure that I, myself, will remember. Albums are one thing: cultural signifiers maybe, long-term companions with ample secrets besides, but songs are the most powerful piece of the puzzle in the great quest of my life, which is to articulate -- as a non-musician -- why rock & roll (as opposed to "rock," which is just one part of rock & roll), its antecedents and subdivisions and digressions, speaks more for me than anything else. Makes me feel freer, explains more to me, shows me more, yet provides me no language for these revelations. I try desperately to find it but it usually isn't forthcoming, and then I keep trying.

In essence I have to provide the disclaimer that this is a highly personal list; claiming it to be idiosyncratic or something would totally miss the point, and certainly wouldn't explain why I spent an entire year putting it together, listening to something like 2,000 individual tracks that I had earmarked at some point from '10 to '18 as being special in some manner. I wanted to do detective work myself to find out what songs from this time are sitting with me at this stage as really speaking to me on the deepest possible level, standing easily with the music that's been with me for decades or for a whole lifetime, and what has attained so much history and so many associations already that I am entirely sure it will be with me till I die or go deaf.

The logistics of all this were a profound illustration of how music consumption has changed since 2010. I used my hard drive and Winamp library to shuffle and revisit all the earmarked songs released from 2010 to 2013 -- plus errant non-streamers -- because back then I torrented everything or was given downloads for review, then switched to a Spotify playlist for everything after. I still download new stuff now but there's no logical way or reason to keep up to the minute on it anymore, so the only way to be thorough was to have two separately constructed playlists from two entirely different spans of time and somehow meld them together. You will notice I'm sure that the resulting list leans heavily on the first half of the decade... but because those songs have had longer to sit, I think that's inevitable, and I don't have a big problem with it; the ranking was honest, and I accept whatever shortcomings it has.

This also served as an interesting one-time experiment; it's unlikely there will ever be another decade in which I hear more new music and catalog it quite so carefully. Lots of things have conspired to prevent this from being a repeatable event, but I'm actually at peace with that: I wanted to do it, and I did, which sounds like a lofty statement for just sitting and listening to a bunch of songs then attempting to rank them, but what I mean more specifically is the act of actually keeping sufficiently abreast of a whole subfield of popular music to be able to provide what I feel is an accurate listing of the best moments within a broad but specific timeframe. I greatly enjoy my archival lists of this nature -- though I haven't been so bold as to try and tackle a full decade yet -- but there's really no replacement for being actually in the weeds with all this, in real time. I'm sure that there are plenty of songs included here that, if I were making this list thirty years from now, would have faded into (undeserved) obscurity and wouldn't naturally have come up on any cursory or even relatively devoted examination of the time. Conversely, I have no doubt there are major works I missed in the 2010s that will be hailed by myself and others as indispensable artifacts -- and even some things that passed by me at the time that will grow in my estimation, will gain relevance and grace with age -- which is why I don't think my lists of songs from 1958 or 1974 or 1996 are bullshit. But there's no doubt the experience, the scope of knowledge produces something different.

So here are 250 songs -- painfully extracted from a longlist of 500 -- I would classify as extraordinary, maybe for reasons that don't apply to anywhere beyond myself and my home, or maybe not. In most cases, if you dig into the archives here, you can find my thoughts on a given individual song by looking for the corresponding album in the index, though there are some I already can verify I underestimated back then. I only realized what an earthshaking masterpiece Leonard Cohen's "Going Home" was, for instance, when I heard Marianne Faithfull's cover version and briefly thought she was enlivening a decades-old classic. I also don't know if I ever really addressed Charli XCX's "Porsche" with the reverence it deserves as a stunningly fleet, laser-focused piece of escapism tinged with mysterious, incalculable yearning -- that a song of its modest ambitions can achieve so much helps me understand why some listeners devote so much energy to finding the same kind of emotional directness and depth in modern studio pop, the way I still do with Shangri-Las and Monkees records (this is also true of Khalid's spirited, telling "8TEEN"), and I've found myself oddly haunted by it in the last few weeks of the '10s.

One other basic comment I'd like to make here is that I hope some of these songs that have slipped through the cracks manage to get a longer life somehow or another. The legacy of something like "Depreston" or "All of the Lights" or even "Hey Jane" is secured, justifiably I think, but what of my two favorite love songs of these ten years? "Bricks to the Bones" is from the second album by Suckers, a band from Brooklyn with versatile, hook-heavy songwriting; its towering production, opening with amplifier cacophony and ultimately reaching for the cosmos with a wordless hook as evocative as the one at the center of Tears for Fears' "Head Over Heels," captures romance as blood through the veins, as a force of life, but responds to it with ecstasy and peace. And the Wave Pictures, maybe the world's best rock band at the moment, whose collected works from City Forgiveness on could constitute so much of this list if I'd allowed it (by the way, I limited this list to three songs per album, though I cheated a few times when I had multiple versions of a track to choose from), articulate love in the chalkmarks and details of vivid memories filled with smells, tastes and sights, the urgency and calm of finding home in a person rather than a place, the experience of being on such a cloud that every single thing surrounding you seems important and poetic. "I saw your handwriting, written on everything, and I liked it." Too beautiful to be clumsy, too clumsy not to be true.

By my count, I feel safe calling the first 181 of these songs "great." I may or may not make a Spotify playlist to represent this list if I get time, though I'm a bit reluctant given that the Joanna Newsom songs will inevitably be excluded. Speaking of whom, any of the top five here could be #1, but "Good Intentions Paving Company" became my choice because it feels the most timeless; in all of folk-rock history, it may be the song that most successfully meets such large-scale, lofty ambitions while maintaining an emotional intimacy that is nothing short of harrowing. Newsom can bring you to tears when she performs something like "Sawdust and Diamonds" on stage, equipped with nothing but her own voice and her harp, but when I heard "Good Intentions" and "Baby Birch" for the first time (both live, actually, because I wanted to listen to the album on vinyl first and we couldn't find it anywhere until we went to her show in Durham) with their dramatic arrangements, it was the sensation of a world expanding and a musical genius meeting every one of its larger demands. No doubt that Newsom is the artist of the decade for me, maybe the artist of the century.

1. Joanna Newsom "Good Intentions Paving Company" [Have One on Me, 2010]
2. Titus Andronicus "The Battle of Hampton Roads" [The Monitor, 2010]
3. Miguel "Adorn" [Kaleidoscope Dream, 2012]
4. Joanna Newsom "Baby Birch" [Have One on Me, 2010]
5. The Tallest Man on Earth "Love Is All" [The Wild Hunt, 2010]
6. Leonard Cohen "Going Home" [Old Ideas, 2012] / Marianne Faithfull "Going Home" [Give My Love to London, 2014]
7. The Wave Pictures "Slick Black River from the Rain" [A Season in Hull, 2016]
8. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever "Tender Is the Neck" [Talk Tight, 2017]
9. Love Is All "A Side in a Bed" [Two Thousand and Ten Injuries, 2010]
10. Allo Darlin' "History Lessons" [We Come from the Same Place, 2014]
11. The Walkmen "Juveniles" [Lisbon, 2010]
12. Courtney Barnett "Depreston" [Sometimes I Sit and Think and Sometimes I Just Sit, 2015]
13. Nicolas Jaar "The Governor" [Sirens, 2016]
14. Robyn "Dancing on My Own" [Body Talk, 2010]
15. Spiritualized "Hey Jane" [Sweet Heart Sweet Light, 2012]
16. Kanye West ft. Rihanna "All of the Lights" [My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, 2010]
17. The Wave Pictures "We Fell Asleep in the Blue Tent" [Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon, 2015]
18. Anthony Joseph "Neckbone" [Caribbean Roots, 2016]
19. Perfume Genius "Hood" [Put Your Back In 2 It, 2012]
20. Twin Shadow "Run My Heart" [Confess, 2012]
21. Tune-Yards "Wait for a Minute" [Nikki Nack, 2014]
22. Frank Ocean "Lost" [Channel Orange, 2012]
23. Suckers "Bricks to the Bones" [Candy Salad, 2012]
24. The National "This Is the Last Time" [Trouble Will Find Me, 2013]
25. Owen Pallett "The Great Elsewhere" [Heartland, 2010]
26. Tune-Yards "Powa" [whokill, 2011]
27. Saint Etienne "Tonight" [Words and Music by Saint Etienne, 2012]
28. Leonard Cohen "Amen" [Old Ideas, 2012]
29. The National "Bloodbuzz, Ohio" [High Violet, 2010]
30. D'Angelo "Really Love" [Black Messiah, 2014]
31. N.E.R.D. ft. Rihanna "Lemon" [No One Ever Really Dies, 2017]
32. TV on the Radio "You" [Nine Types of Light, 2011]
33. Kelis "Breakfast" [Food, 2014]
34. Janelle Monae & the Wondaland Arts Society "Hell You Talmbout" [single, 2015] / David Byrne "Hell You Talmbout" [live, 2018]
35. Tune-Yards "Doorstep" [whokill, 2011]
36. Fiona Apple "Anything We Want" [The Idler Wheel..., 2012]
37. Superchunk "This Summer" [single, 2012]
38. Twerps "I Don't Mind" [Range Anxiety, 2015]
39. Susanne Sundfor "Fade Away" [Ten Love Songs, 2015]
40. The New Pornographers "Sweet Talk, Sweet Talk" [Together, 2010]
41. Rihanna "Love on the Brain" [ANTI, 2016]
42. Hot Chip "Alley Cats" [One Life Stand, 2010]
43. Joanna Newsom "The Things I Say" [Divers, 2015]
44. (Sandy) Alex G "Bobby" [Rocket, 2017]
45. Janelle Monae "Make Me Feel" [Dirty Computer, 2018]
46. Arcade Fire "Sprawl #2 (Mountains Beyond Mountains)" [The Suburbs, 2010]
47. Chromatics "Kill for Love" [Kill for Love, 2012]
48. Surfer Blood "Anchorage" [Astro Coast, 2010]
49. The Chemical Brothers ft. Beck "Wide Open" [Born in the Echoes, 2015]
50. Charli XCX ft. MØ "Porsche" [Pop 2, 2018]
51. Courtney Barnett "Sunday Roast" [Tell Me How You Really Feel, 2018]
52. Das Racist "Michael Jackson" [Relax, 2011]
53. Girls "Oh So Protective One" [Broken Dreams Club, 2010]
54. Joanna Newsom "Divers" [Divers, 2015]
55. Hot Chip "Take It In" [One Life Stand / We Have Remixes, 2010]
56. Saint Etienne "Over the Border" [Words and Music by Saint Etienne, 2012]
57. Beach House "Norway" [Teen Dream, 2010]
58. Vampire Weekend "Unbelievers" [Modern Vampires of the City, 2013]
59. Kendrick Lamar "untitled 08" [untitled unmastered., 2016]
60. Leonard Cohen "Show Me the Place" [Old Ideas, 2012]
61. Cut Copy "Take Me Over" [Zonoscope, 2011]
62. Black Marble "A Great Design" [A Different Arrangement, 2012]
63. Thao and the Get Down Stay Down "Millionaire" [A Man Alive, 2016]
64. The Mountain Goats "Damn These Vampires" [All Eternals Deck, 2011]
65. Camp Cope "I've Got You" [How to Socialise & Make Friends, 2018]
66. Yoko Ono "7th Floor" [Take Me to the Land of Hell, 2013]
67. Passion Pit "Take a Walk" [Gossamer, 2012]
68. A Tribe Called Quest "We the People" [We Got It from Here, Thank You 4 Your Service, 2016]
69. Yo La Tengo "Ohm" [Fade, 2013]
70. Nicolas Jaar "Three Sides of Nazareth" [Sirens, 2016]
71. Beyonce "Love on Top" [4, 2012]
72. Rhye "The Fall" [Woman, 2013]
73. Colette "When the Music's Loud" [When the Music's Loud, 2013]
74. Titus Andronicus "To Old Friends and New" [The Monitor, 2010]
75. Royal Headache "Carolina" [High, 2015]
76. Chastity Belt "Drone" [Time to Go Home, 2015]
77. Shannon and the Clams "The Boy" [Onion, 2018]
78. Allo Darlin' "Half Heart Necklace" [We Come from the Same Place, 2014]
79. Eleanor Friedberger "He Didn't Mention His Mother" [New View, 2016]
80. Slowdive "No Longer Making Time" [Slowdive, 2017]
81. The Walkmen "Lisbon" [Lisbon, 2010]
82. Fiona Apple "Hot Knife" [The Idler Wheel..., 2012]
83. Titus Andronicus "Theme from Cheers" [The Monitor, 2010]
84. Kanye West "Black Skinhead" [Yeezus, 2013]
85. Tierra Whack "Cable Guy" [Whack World, 2018]
86. Deerhunter "Desire Lines" [Halcyon Digest, 2010]
87. The Tallest Man on Earth "Graceland" {Paul Simon cover} [b-side, 2010]
88. Sheer Mag "Nobody's Baby" [III, 2016]
89. Lady Lamb "Penny Licks" [After, 2015]
90. Curren$y "Breakfast" [Pilot Talk, 2010]
91. Ezra Furman "Love You So Bad" [Transangelic Exodus, 2018]
92. Underworld "Nylon Strung" [Barbara Barbara We Face a Shining Futyre, 2016]
93. Kaki King "Sloan Shore" [Junior, 2010]
94. Disclosure ft. London Grammar "Help Me Lose My Mind" [Settle, 2013]
95. The Wave Pictures "Before This Day" [City Forgiveness, 2013]
96. Kelela "All the Way Down" [Hallucinogen, 2015]
97. D'Angelo "Another Life" [Black Messiah, 2014]
98. Tierra Whack "Pet Cemetery" [Whack World, 2018]
99. TV on the Radio "Killer Crane" [Nine Types of Light, 2011]
100. The National "I Need My Girl" [Trouble Will Find Me, 2013]
101. The Wave Pictures "Hazey Moon" [Look Inside Your Heart, 2018]
102. Cat Power "Manhattan" [Sun, 2012]
103. Vince Staples "Big Fish" [Big Fish Theory, 2017]
104. Courtney Barnett "Houses" {Elyse Weinberg cover} [single, 2018]
105. Flock of Dimes "Birthplace" [If You See Me, Say Yes, 2016]
106. Khalid "8TEEN" [American Teen, 2017]
107. Vampire Weekend "Diplomat's Son" [Contra, 2010]
108. The Julie Ruin "Just My Kind" [Run Fast, 2013]
109. Shura "Touch" [Nothing's Real, 2016]
110. Belle & Sebastian "The Ghost of Rockschool" [Write About Love, 2010]
111. Danny Brown "Really Doe" [Atrocity Exhibition, 2016]
112. Twin Shadow "When the Movie's Over" [Confess, 2012]
113. Beach House "Bluebird" [Depression Cherry, 2015]
114. Kanye West "Bound 2" [Yeezus, 2013]
115. Horse Feathers "Fit Against the Country" [Cynic's New Year, 2012]
116. Nadine Shah "2016" [Holiday Destination, 2017]
117. Yo La Tengo "Butchie's Tune" {Lovin' Spoonful cover} [Stuff Like That There, 2015]
118. The Wave Pictures "Atlanta" [City Forgiveness, 2013]
119. Vince Staples "Yeah Right" [Big Fish Theory, 2017]
120. The Julie Ruin "Run Fast" [Run Fast, 2013]
121. PAPA "Ain't It So" [A Good Woman Is Hard to Find, 2011]
122. Jay Som "The Bus Song" [Everybody Works, 2017]
123. Vampire Weekend "Diane Young" [Modern Vampires of the City, 2013]
124. Azealia Banks "212" [single, 2011 / Broke with Expensive Taste, 2014]
125. Vampire Weekend "Run" [Contra, 2010]
126. Beyonce "Party" [4, 2012]
127. The Wave Pictures "Remains" [A Season in Hull, 2016]
128. Leonard Cohen "You Want It Darker" [You Want It Darker, 2016]
129. Cut Copy "Need You Now" [Zonoscope, 2011]
130. Tirzah "Holding On" [Devotion, 2018]
131. Arcade Fire "Half Light 2 (No Celebration)" [The Suburbs, 2010]
132. The Walkmen "Blue as Your Blood" [Lisbon, 2010]
133. Kate Tempest "Tunnel Vision" [Let Them Eat Chaos, 2016]
134. Twin Shadow ft. D'Angelo Lacy "Old Love/New Love" [Eclipse, 2015]
135. Tirzah "Devotion" [Devotion, 2018]
136. Love Is All "Early Warnings" [Two Thousand and Ten Injuries, 2010]
137. Titus Andronicus "Crass Tattoo" [A Productive Cough, 2018]
138. LCD Soundsystem "I Can Change" [This Is Happening, 2010] / Ezra Furman "I Can Change" [Songs by Others, 2016]
139. Pity Sex "September" [White Hot Moon, 2016]
140. The xx "I Dare You" [I See You, 2017]
141. The Walkmen "Line by Line" [Heaven, 2012]
142. Joanna Newsom "In California" [Have One on Me, 2010]
143. Beach House "New Year" [Bloom, 2012]
144. American Wrestlers "Real People" [Goodbye Terrible Youth, 2017]
145. Kanye West "Runaway" [My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, 2010]
146. Courtney Barnett "Avant Gardener" [How to Carve a Carrot into a Rose, 2013]
147. Beach House "Other People" [Bloom, 2012]
148. Kendrick Lamar "Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe" [good kid, m.A.A.d. city, 2012]
149. The Weeknd "Secrets" [Starboy, 2016]
150. Rihanna "Work" [ANTI, 2016]
151. Pet Shop Boys "Thursday" [Electric, 2013]
152. Sheer Mag "Pure Desire" [Need to Feel Your Love, 2017]
153. Killer Mike "R.A.P. Music" [R.A.P. Music, 2012]
154. Ellie Goulding "Lights" [Lights, 2012]
155. Yo La Tengo "Rickety" [Stuff Like That There, 2015]
156. Royal Headache "Wouldn't You Know" [High, 2015]
157. The Wave Pictures "I Could Hear the Telephone (Three Floors Above Me)" [Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon, 2015]
158. Nicolas Jaar "No" [Sirens, 2016]
159. DJ Koze "Pick Up" [Knock Knock, 2018]
160. Smith Westerns "Dance Away" [Dye It Blonde, 2011]
161. Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba "Madou" [Jama Ko, 2013]
162. Crystal Castles "Celestica" [Crystal Castles, 2010]
163. ceo "Whorehouse" [Wonderland, 2014]
164. Hot Chip "Hand Me Down Your Love" [One Life Stand, 2010]
165. Kwabs "My Own" [Love + War, 2015]
166. Destroyer "Kaputt" [Kaputt, 2011]
167. Pantha du Prince "Stick to My Side" [Black Noise, 2010]
168. Buddy "Real Life Shit" [Harlan & Alondra, 2018]
169. Rhye "Open" [Woman, 2013]
170. Miguel "Waves" [Wildheart, 2015]
171. Kate Tempest "Lonely Daze" [Everybody Down, 2014]
172. The National "Lemonworld" [High Violet, 2010]
173. Tune-Yards "Manchild" [Nikki Nack, 2014]
174. Wilco "One Sunday Morning" [The Whole Love, 2011]
175. Vampire Weekend "Taxi Cab" [Contra, 2010] / Tracey Thorn "Taxi Cab" [b-side, 2010]
176. Cut Copy "Corner of the Sky" [Zonoscope, 2011]
177. Killer Mike "Reagan" [R.A.P. Music, 2012]
178. Paramore "Hard Times" [After Laughter, 2017]
179. Leonard Cohen "Different Sides" [Old Ideas, 2012]
180. Dark Dark Dark "Tell Me" [Who Needs Who]
181. Whitney "No Matter Where We Go" [Light Upon the Lake, 2016]
182. Daft Punk "Get Lucky" [Random Access Memories, 2013]
183. Broken Bells "Perfect World" [After the Disco, 2014]
184. Lyla Foy "No Secrets" [Mirrors the Sky, 2014]
185. =N.E.R.D. "Rollinem 7's" [No One Ever Really Dies, 2017]
186. The Mountain Goats "Shelved" [Goths, 2017]
187. Heems "Patriot Act" [Eat Pray Thug, 2015]
188. Ezra Furman "Been So Strange" [Day of the Dog, 2013]
189. Nicolas Jaar "Problems with the Sun" [Space Is Only Noise, 2011]
190. Das Racist "Rainbow in the Dark" [Shut Up Dude, 2010 / Relax, 2011]
191. Tune-Yards "Gangsta" [whokill, 2011]
192. SOPHIE "Immaterial" [Oil of Every Pearl's Un-Insides, 2018]
193. Kendrick Lamar "Sing About Me, I'm Dying of Thirst" [good kid, m.A.A.d. city, 2012]
194. The Roots ft. Raheem "Tomorrow" [...And Then You Shoot Your Cousin, 2014]
195. Terry Malts "Gentle Eyes" [Lost at the Party, 2016]
196. Le1f "Wut" [Dark York, 2012]
197. Hot Chip "Flutes" [In Our Heads, 2012]
198. The Goon Sax "We Can't Win" [We're Not Talking, 2018]
199. Courtney Barnett "Nobody Really Cares If You Don't Go to the Party" [Sometimes I Sit and Think and Sometimes I Just Sit, 2015]
200. Surfer Blood "Swim" [Astro Coast, 2010]
201. Yo La Tengo "Cornelia and Jane" [Fade, 2013]
202. Arcade Fire "Suburban War" [The Suburbs, 2010]
203. Anthony Joseph "Jimmy Upon That Bridge" [Caribbean Roots, 2016]
204. The New Pornographers "Crash Years" [Together, 2010]
205. A$AP Rocky ft. Drake, 2 Chainz and Kendrick Lamar "Fuckin' Problems" [LongLiveA$AP, 2012]
206. Teena Marie "Luv Letter" [Beautiful, 2013]
207. The Walkmen "Love Is Luck" [Heaven, 2012]
208. Curren$y "On G's" [Weekend at Burnie's, 2011]
209. Pink "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)" [The Truth About Love, 2012]
210. Solange ft. Lil Wayne "Mad" [A Seat at the Table, 2016]
211. Janelle Monae "BaBopByeYa" [The ArchAndroid, 2010]
212. Yoko Ono "Bad Dancer" [Take Me to the Land of Hell, 2013]
213. Twin Shadow "Castles in the Snow" [Forget, 2010]
214. Ezra Furman "Haunted Head" [Perpetual Motion People, 2015]
215. The Tallest Man on Earth "The Dreamer" [Sometimes the Blues Is Just a Passing Bird, 2010]
216. New Build "Do You Not Feel Loved?" [Yesterday Was Lived and Lost, 2012]
217. Gil Scott-Heron "New York Is Killing Me" [I'm New Here, 2010]
218. Hospitality "Last Words" [Trouble, 2014]
219. Soccer Mommy "Your Dog" [Clean, 2018]
220. The Mountain Goats "Song for Ted Sallis" [Hex of Infinite Binding, 2018]
221. Pet Shop Boys "Vocal" [Electric, 2013]
222. Vampire Weekend "Giving Up the Gun" [Contra, 2010]
223. Laura Marling "Always This Way" [Semper Femina, 2017]
224. Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie xx "My Cloud" [We're New Here, 2011]
225. Blood Orange "EVP" [Freetown Sound, 2016]
226. Ratking "Snow Beach" [So It Goes, 2014]
227. Deerhunter "Basement Scene" [Halcyon Digest, 2010]
228. Austra "Painful Like" [Olympia, 2013]
229. Janelle Monae "Oh, Maker" [The ArchAndroid, 2010]
230. Kanye West "Power" [My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, 2010]
231. Tirzah "Reach Hi" [Devotion, 2018]
232. Daniel Bachman "Sycamore City" [The Morning Star, 2018]
233. Ezra Furman "My Zero" [Day of the Dog, 2013]
234. Weekend "Mirror" [Jinx, 2013]
235. Chromatics "The Page" [Kill for Love, 2012]
236. Vampire Weekend "Worship You" [Modern Vampires of the City, 2013]
237. Kelela "A Lie" [Cut 4 Me, 2013]
238. Yo La Tengo "I'll Be Around" [Fade, 2013]
239. Danny Brown "Lonely" [Old, 2013]
240. Das Racist "Happy Rappy" [Relax, 2011]
241. Petite Noir "Kinshasa Waltz" [internet-only, 2013]
242. Daft Punk "Doin' It Right" [Random Access Memories, 2013]
243. Kwabs "Make You Mine" [Love + War, 2015]
244. The xx "Fiction" [Coexist, 2012]
245. A$AP Rocky "Trilla" [LiveLoveA$AP, 2011]
246. Tame Impala "I Don't Really Mind" [Innerspeaker, 2010]
247. Kids See Ghosts "Reborn" [Kids See Ghosts, 2018]
248. Andrew Bird "Pulaski at Night" [I Want to See Pulaski at Night, 2013]
249. The Last Poets "Rain of Terror" [Understand What Black Is, 2018]
250. Janelle Monae "Screwed" [Dirty Computer, 2018]
251*. Solange "Cranes in the Sky" [A Seat at the Table, 2016]

* = Note: Due to a major embarrassing oversight near the top of the list, there are now 251 rather than 250 songs!

Songs from 2019 are excluded from this first version of the list; my last lingering projects dealing with that year will follow in the next week or two, and this year's List of Lists will revise both this and the album countdown to incorporate 2019 products. I'm sorry for leaving them off at this stage but it was really the easiest way for me to make this happen in a timely manner. See you in the next decade.

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