Sunday, November 24, 2013

One-sentence reviews #11

Hope you don't mind these things, cause there's at least two more on the way.

The Range
Nonfiction (2013)

(Donky Pitch)

One of those pleasant enough electronic records that seems to exist at all only in the spheres of certain very specific reviewers; needless to say, it ain't easy for the rest of us to see what they're on about but maybe we're the crazy ones.


Los Campesinos!
No Blues (2013)

(Wichita Recordings)

Hyperenthusiastic pseudo-arena rockers have invited comparisons to Fang Island, Titus Andronicus, Arcade Fire, etc. and are too sweet and sincere to be super-annoying, but their bombast doesn't have much backing it up except a lot of heart and maybe that's plenty.


Kasey Musgraves
Same Trailer Different Park (2013)

(Mercury Nashville)

Made a conscious decision to dabble in one of my few forbidden genres this year, pop-country (metal will not be joining it, sorry), and came away with some respect for a gifted performer like Musgraves but the conclusion that the on-the-nose lyricism and flat polish of the production just ain't for me.


Mutual Benefit
Love's Crushing Diamond (2013)

(Other Music)

RECOMMENDED - Flowery, gorgeous little nothing is hypnotic in all its pillowy layers and breathy detail, better yet as diverting but unintrusive ambiance.


Wild Light (2013)

(Superball Music)

I prefer my background music (uh, sorry, "math rock") to avoid constantly asserting its machismo, thanks.


Pistol Annies
Annie Up (2013)

(RCA Nashville)

See Musgraves above, although the Annies' songs are a little better, the singing less spontaneous and interesting.


DJ Rashad
Double Cup (2013)


!! CAUTION !! - Chicago footwork DJ is probably capable of making you dance if you're very high, but I can verify that he can irritate the living shit out of you while sober.


Youth Lagoon
Wondrous Bughouse (2013)

(Fat Possum)

!!!!! AVOID !!!!! - Following an inoffensive debut I came around eventually to thinking was slightly better than decent as these dream pop-ish things go, here we go full-bore with moony, self-regarding nonsense along the lines of These New Puritans -- yo, "indie" "rock" people: this is why they hate us.

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