Friday, September 20, 2013

One-sentence reviews #9

Change Becomes Us (2013)

(Pink Flag)

Post-punk football chants and jingles, the vices of a veteran act with the freedom and cachet to dick around inanely, albeit more cheerily than usual.


DJ Koze
Amygdala (2013)


The parts that sound like methamphetamined Everything But the Girl circa Temperamental are a nostalgic rush that makes me want to go shopping for clothes in a 1999 mall, but the absence of hooks (save some contributed by well-chosen samples) shatters the illusion.


The Haxan Cloak
Excavation (2013)


!! CAUTION !! - Dirgecraft Through the Ages, undoubtedly to be accompanied by complimentary Rothko coffee table book.


Arab Strap
Monday at the Hug & Pint (2003)

(Chemikal Underground)

!! CAUTION !! - All of the things about the early-2000s indie boom that griped the hell out of me at the time (and caused me to stay away from modern alt-rock for several years) in one package: snide, witless, empty, rote in performance and emotion -- but perhaps not as bad as I'm predisposed to hear it.


Comfort Eagle (2001)


"Short Skirt / Long Jacket" still charming and funny, the rest more melodic and spirited than usual but still easy to describe in full as "minor" just as much as this perpetually growth-stunted band's whole discography; now-concluded experiment in trying to decipher my long-ago enthusiasm for them an utter failure.

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