Thursday, December 6, 2012

Grizzly Bear: Shields (2012)



Edwarde Droste, the Prince of Twitter
Daniel Rossen, his waiting-maid
Justin Vernon, a peasant

ACT I: in which the hopes of a generation are quashed at the annual Ceremony

Pleasing it is to present a recognition to Things of Youth and Color, the album of whom entitled Thr33$some P8888rtnerZZ has re-energized the shadowy forces which are truly in control!

DANIEL ROSSEN [in the audience]
huh huh this is lame man
whut is this shit

JUSTIN VERNON [beside him, holding towel]
Do not you recall
that these Multi Millionaires are full of Shit?
that they were full of Shit in their
failure to recognize my true Heart
whence I laid down The Kind Ladies of Hertfordshire [a Concept Album -ed]
It had been recorded
using only the sands of the Earth
and a backyard generator

yeah so

I'm saying this is true Shit, the true Shit is that which
celebrates the craft of the Mass Beloved
we are the true Artists, we of the twisted minds
the twisted minds run Amok!
the twisted minds of Passion! of Grace! of Intellect!
you will gather the Shit they pile upon us, we will Recoil from it
but you will return in 2012

didn't you win one of these things

it is all Shit all of it

I have come to a decision
we will record the most Intelligent Music
that has ever been recorded!
THRONGS will march in the STREETS
proclaiming its great INTELLIGENCE
and that people will complain that it is merely
merely the pathetic prog noodlings of boredom writ large
it will be a mark of how the Shit, the Cunts, the Fucks
are in control
but we will blast through with our pur-
ity and passion

[The telephone RINGS. it is Jack WHITE]

JACK WHITE [in a special cameo]
and all that is real,
it won't be fake, it won't all be image
it will be Genuine, it will be Authentic
and it will be pressed on 50 vinyl LPs
that are shaped like Horses Heads

I do admit that I find this
Slightly absurd

my Mistake;
I have forgotten that I dislike you immensely. [Hangs up]

our record will be the Real Thing
we will Mean It
and that will Show Them

We will not PAY for THIS unless you will allow
it to be in our
barbecue sauce commercial

ok i like bbq sauce

VERNON [aside]
These are years of sadness.


ACT II: Mother Hope returns at the Rock Concert, seven years later

We have a New Song it is about Flowers

{Clanging noises, in various time signatures which are Impressive; there are also horns and occasionally Drums]

DROSTE [Singing]
MMMMMMMMmmm proooove it allllllllll


Sounds of pots and pans falling! Upon the DAT

Alive, I have never
Felt so.

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