Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Anouar Brahem: Barzakh (1991)



You were expecting maybe some year-end lists!? Well, having finally listened to everything many times over, I am now allowed to dive back into, uh, "old" music again, and this calming and beautiful hour of Tunisian jazz musician Brahem playing the oud (with minimal but striking accompaniment by percussionist Lassad Hosni) is the soundtrack to my attempts to write something coherent about all the damn music I've listened to the last few days. Still, desolate, and minimal, this is a wondrous kind of comedown-romance, and Brahem's playing is bracing in its lyricism. For the full run of this expansive set, he never sinks into repetition or meandering; it's improvisational work that's as easy on the ear as can be imagined.


Not to make this personal again, but good lord, for the next few weeks I'm listening exclusively to garage bands circa 1965 and ancient Motown 45s and I will not think critically about any of it, goddammit.

But of course you know that last bit isn't true. See you in a few hours.

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