Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ariel Pink: Worn Copy (2005)

(Rhystop [orig] / Paw Tracks [reissue])

!!!!! AVOID !!!!!

There's nothing about this that isn't annoying. Since Ariel Pink released Before Today, a record I stand by as excellent, he's set about working full-time on proving it was a fluke with odd behaviors and the general stepping away from the slightly more universal appeal he was beginning to reach. Despite this skepticism, I was curious enough to step into the past and dig into some of Pink's old lo-fi bedroom chillwave. I wish I had not done this. It's not even that it's particularly bad for what it is, just that "what it is" is something I have no ability to hear the virtues in. It's really a good thing I'm not hearing this until now because if I had, I doubt very much I ever would have given Before Today a stab.

Before Today (2010)

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