Monday, April 2, 2012

Curren$y: Muscle Car Chronicles (2012)

(Def Jam)


What the fuck!? Okay, I guess we needed another reason to compare Curren$y to Bob Dylan because now we have his equivalent to Dylan's legendary 1973 album Dylan, a set of shit outtakes he didn't want released but his old label did so anyway. So here's this Curren$y 'rock' album that he didn't want released either, and he's long gone from Island/Def Jam now, having issued his subsequent tapes and albums on Warners, but this long festering thing appeared out of nowhere a few weeks ago.

It's pretty bad, although Curren$y acquits himself nicely -- his flow is solid and there's an appealing economy to his words, though you can tell this was recorded three years ago by how he talks about "search engines." And a couple of cuts are so morbidly fascinating they become good fun, "Frosty" kind of a Carnival of Souls organ burlesque, and "The Strangest Life" a kitschy wonderful sing-song thing somewhat suggestive of a Hanna-Barbera cartoon theme song I can't quite place.

Otherwise, this is a lot like listening to Curren$y rap over an Endless Boogie or Black Keys album. All the songs are short but still really tough to get through; the same goes for the album, which comes in under twenty minutes but is still being weirdly promoted as an LP; looks like the cover art took more effort than the haphazard, generic music. I get why he's suing Island over this -- it worsens his market glut and makes it seem like he doesn't know at all what he's doing, which I'm pretty sure (but not positive) he does.

At least it comes with a "bonus disc" of producer "Sean O'Connell's" (not the "Irish footballer" and not Sean O'Casey) instrumental tracks, which I bet all fifteen of the people that actually buy this will totally totally listen to.

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