Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fairport Convention (1967)



nathan: i'm listening to Fairport Convention for the first time
it is weedy man

grant: i know nothing about them

nathan: also i have to run to the store in a minute
need liquids
gonna suffer through this shitty album first, just 4 songs left

nathan: amber just said re: this Fairport album "this sounds like a psychedelic irish spring commercial" :D

grant: i'm sold

nathan: choice sentiment: "like a lobster i can swim / and grow another limb"
that lyric is from the epic song "The Lobster"

grant: i did the stifled laugh snort

nathan: haha
oh jesus it's FREAKING OUT now

grant: drop some acid

nathan: i'm gonna send this to [___]
when he gets over his midlife crisis
apparently this was an inspiration for The Hazards of Love, the more you know tm

grant: huhhh yeah
is it proggy??

nathan: kind of preproggy
but it definitely has the traces of prog combined with like... eurofolk

nathan: ok broth
one last sample lyric
before you go
"look at me now
what do you see?
it isn't me"
ponder that as you sleep tonite

grant: lol
listen to the flower people

nathan: 8-3
that was supposed to be a stoned emoticon, oh well
goodnight, thx for chat

grant: looks like a googly eyed cat

nathan: stoned cat!!

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