Thursday, November 24, 2011

Drake: Take Care (2011)

(Cash Money)

!!!!! AVOID !!!!!

I try not to rag on whatever's currently popular (#1 album in the country right this second), because chances are I'm just not in the target bracket and I'm not built to fully understand, but seriously FUCK YOU if you honestly think this is 1/10 as good as 808's and Heartbreak. Do you really believe a word this generic Degrassi motherfucker says? Really? Really?? The best cut is just a straight lift of a remix of Gil Scott-Heron's cover of the Bobby "Blue" Bland chestnut "I'll Take Care of You" from last year; buy Scott-Heron's last album or Jamie xx's remix album of same instead of this shit and you won't miss a goddamn thing. Not real hip hop.

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