Thursday, December 2, 2010

Julian Lynch: Mare (2010)

(Olde English Spelling Bee)


I missed this bloke when he played an in-store at Gravity Records here in town, and I'm really regretting it. Mare is a damned interesting album, sharing with Flying Lotus a mutual interest in jazz and electronica, but offsetting this with a lovely ambient vibe and capturing it all in a singer-songwriter framework. The songs kind of shimmer briefly before they wander off into the background of Lynch's breathtaking walls of noise, but that's what makes this discreet music wrap around and enrapture the audience that's hopefully hearing it vaguely in the background of life, preferably in another room even.

Hailing from New Jersey, subject of the finale here, Lynch is typically billed as part of the increasingly omnipresent chillwave and bedroom pop scenes, but his voice is unique and involving. Of all the electronic-tinged performers currently making waves with their dedication to analogue artistry, Lynch's formula seems most fascinating and -- gulp -- commercial. None of the songs on Mare fail to captivate, but they demand to be heard together, and they come off best when they are positioned to surprise from an aural distance -- background music with bite. That's a particularly Eno-like notion, and that's fine company for a young singer-songwriter to be in.

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