Monday, December 6, 2010

James Blake: CMYK EP (2010)


A bit of plastic soul texture run amok, this very short extended player from Brit electropopper Blake won't hit you with four-on-the-floor but does intrigue in its tricky, skittering rhythms matched with teasing vocal snippets. His delicate futurism doesn't hit to an emotional core quite yet, but it's inches away from breaking your heart. Right now it's ideal for deep thinking, reading, making out, whatever.

Oddly enough, fifteen minutes actually feels like enough, maybe even too much, because these four tracks are variations on a single theme that wears itself out. It could be one long, gradually shapeshifting track. As it is, this pure mood feels like the beginning of something cool, but just the beginning.


[Editorial Note: We will return to archival releases on Wednesday. I'll be back with a mega-post embodying my 2010 top ten list next week.]

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